Our services

The scope of services provided by our team in details:

  • Consultations in the event of sudden illness;
  • Therapy of chronic diseases;
  • ECG in the patient’s home;
  • Blood pressure measurement;
  • Measurement of blood glucose levels;
  • Intramuscular and subcutaneous injections;
  • Foley catheter catheterization;
  • Nephrostomy streamlining;
  • Certificates and sick leave;
  • Medical prescriptions;
  • Examinations for driver candidates;
  • Measurement of blood alcohol levels;
  • Terminating binges – alcoholic detoxification:
    combined visit of the doctor and nurse in the patient’s home, along with the administration of intravenous and measures to mitigate the symptoms of sudden abstinence;
  • Implantation of Esperal-Disulfiram;